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The Knowledge to Save Lives. The Location to Save Time.

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The Knowledge to Save Lives. The Location to Save Time.

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  1. Full name, age, sex, height, weight, BMI(Body mass index - google it and calculate it if u can).
  2. Any previous blood tests, reports like x rays or ct scan reports to be attached wherever applicable.
  3. Nature of ailments (what are the symptoms or diseases you are facing currently and or have faced in the past. both medical and surgical history where applicable).
  4. Current lifestyle, food timings, food preferences, cuisine preferences, how many meals in a week are in a restaurant?
    Wake Up, Breakfast Timings and Food Choices, Lunch, Post Lunch, Evening, Dinner Meal patterns to be penned down here.
  5. Any existing food or drug allergies.
  6. Any vices that may influence diet such as alcohol intake, type of alcohol, frequency etc. Tobacco, smoking, sugar addictions etc as well to be written.
  7. Ever done a diet before? Or any detox programmes?
  8. Family history, history of diseases within the family.
  9. Nature of work (sedentary, active, exercise patterns in a week, and nature of the exercise.)
  10. What do you expect from the programme of Cellular nutrition developed by Dr. Jai Vora for you? What are your goals on this path you would like to see being achieved?

Dear patients,
Kindly fill the above details in a pointwise format so it makes it easier for me to decipher and decode your way to another and different you through this life-changing process and programme of Cellular nutrition.

Dr. Jai Vora.