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  • With an experience of nearly 20 years, Dr. Jai enables you to learn the art of eating that relates to your body basics. Learn the art of cellular nutrition, a science with unbeatable results within 24 hrs of the onset of the diet.
  • Dr. Jai can be approached 24/7 on WhatsApp or text messages 365 days a year. Learn everything from Dr Jai Vora himself and no assistants involved in between.
  • Overall changes within your system can be felt within 24hrs of starting the diet!
  • All consultations are done online, Video Calls, Face Time, Emails, WhatsApps etc. Keep in touch and solve all your queries from time to time.
  • Maintenance diets are also given for continuity to be maintained.
  • Patients from across 83 countries and more than 30,000 patients treated by Dr Jai Vora.
  • Easy to follow diets; how to do cheat meals, detoxification of organs, organ regeneration diets, etc makes it a varied programme.
  • It’s an individualistic approach; every detail is taken to the minutest level.
  • Cellular nutrition developed by Dr. Jai Vora has long routed effects within one’s body.
  • Sustainable through one’s course of life, these are life-transforming diets that have helped bring out the best in an individual.


About Dr. Jai Vora


Ever since childhood, Dr. Jai Vora had an innate fascination for medicine.

It was almost as if he was sure since the 8th grade that he wanted to be a doctor to help many as he could this lifetime.

Dr. Jai Vora has been witnessed to almost losing his mother to cancer at a tender age of 3 to 4 years of childhood and with the loss of his father in his 9th grade, He was sure he wanted none to suffer the fate he suffered and that’s when the story started to unfold.

Dr. Jai Vora studied 2 years and up a few months in a B. Pharmaceutical course before joining the prestigious SSR medical college in Mauritius where Dr. Jai achieved a gold medal in biochemistry under the world-renowned Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Rana Shinde.

Once his formal training in internal medicine (Allopathy) was duly completed, Dr. Jai Vora embarked on the journey to accomplish his fellowships and qualifications in clinical nutrition.

As Dr. Jai Vora would go through a patient’s medical record and history taking,

Eventually he figured out that it’s not a bowl of pills that cures but your own food you eat that cures!

Thence Dr. Jai Vora started questioning patients regarding several aspects of their diets and to Dr. Jai’s surprise, patients were clueless about not only the disease pattern but also what should be their nutrition for the same!

Thence came the birth of cellular nutrition.

Dr. Jai Vora started combining principles of internal medicine especially the various modules that biochemistry encompasses and the principles of clinical nutrition to amalgamate it into THE WORLD OF CELLULAR NUTRITION.

From the very inception nearly 20 years ago,

Dr. Jai Vora has successfully treated several individuals from all walks of life through the art of cellular nutrition.

Dr. Jai Vora says, “For me, every life matters. I promise to resolve every aspect of a patients nutrition and disease to the best of my ability and knowledge.”

True to his words, those who know Dr. Jai closely, vouch for the promise he made to them.

Every individual is treated as a reflection of the divine.

Dr. Jai Vora adds, “If only, medical practitioners all across the globe, start treating patients as their very own, as their own mother, father, brother, sister, etc, the face of medicine would change forever!”

20 years, 83 countries, thousands of patients have flocked Dr. Jai Vora to seek his knowledge regarding cellular nutrition.

Working 365 days a year, nearly 15 to 18 hours a day, Dr. Jai Vora works relentlessly from Monday to Sunday to help patients better their lifestyle and uproot the disease from the roots.

All of this, through the years, single handed, without the work of assistants.

Dr. Jai Vora adds, “Patients come to resolve their issues with me, not assistants! It’s me they are entrusting, thence everything till the end shall happen through my vigilant eye”.

Many who have visited Dr. Jai Vora knows of his simplicity, the ease he makes one feel, the amount of time he spends analyzing and explaining things is second to none.

Through various platforms, Dr. Jai Vora keeps himself abridged with the latest in his field of medicine and nutrition.

Every individual is embraced with immense love and Dr. Jai Vora’s passion to treat each case shows in his abilities to deliver the best for his patients worldwide.

So welcome to the world of cellular nutrition.

Come experience the new you!



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