Case study of Mr Prakash Ranka


Before photo of Mr. Prakash Ranka, 67 years of age with Ankylosing spondylitis, lost 18 kgs with cellular nutrition

Case study of Ms Shaily Mody


The transformation of my dearest patient through the principles of cellular nutrition are mind boggling.
Let the photos be the judge of the hard work put in by my dearest shaily.
She is a pillar of strength and always will be adored by many.
Many regards to her for having the faith in my work.
Cellular nutrition not only changes lives, it simply transforms lives of those who do it sincerely.

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Ms. Mona Tikiani case study


Ms Mona tikiani, weighing 135 kgs lost around 45 kgs in 6 months duration through cellular diet with a massive 48 inches loss overall.

Case of Mr. Haadin Bava



Haadin had approached me almost 6 months ago for his nutritional workup and weight loss.
Haadin bava, 23 year old gentleman,was training in the Spanish academy for tennis.
As apparent from the initial picture, I was appalled to see his weight was against him despite a gruelling session of practice they usually undergo in academics abroad.
Upon probing further I figured out that he was suffering from many nutritional deficiencies and had a severe lack of knowledge as to what had to be eaten and at what time.

Helping haadin restructure his nutrition, results were evident.
Physiologically he started to improve within first week itself,gathering a great momentum in weeks to come.

Having lost 15 kgs in 3 months,gaining lean muscle mass,improvement in his playing was very much evident as he played consecutive matches.

Nutrition for sports persons is very different.
One has to be very careful as their nourishment leads to either a winning sportsperson r a losing one!

Haadin bava follows up with me regularly still and has benefited from the concept of cellular nutrition.

Doordarshan Interview

Mr. Saurabh Agarwal case study


IMG_7018 IMG_7017 IMG_7012 IMG_7014 IMG_7011 2 IMG_7013 IMG_7016 IMG_7015


Saurabh is a 33 year old gentleman who approached me with severe digestion issues almost 5 months ago.
Upon getting relevant blood tests and scans done, I noticed he was diagnosed with grade 3 fatty liver.
Fatty liver is a huge issue amongst youngsters,predominantly because of the frequent meals outside,long gaps between meals, use of excessive oils,fats,refined carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle leading to a lack of exercise on a daily basis.

The liver is the Seat of digestion and. Xenobiotics meaning detoxification of the entire system.

If the liver is taxed with wrong food,especially fats, all the wrong fats undigested fats start to accumulate around the liver and around organs such as kidneys,pancreas,heart etc resulting in accelerated atherosclerosis and plaques causing accentuated strokes,heart attacks,diabetes etc.

Here I m referring to visceral fat,the fat around the organs.
It’s a potential killer these days and is so easily over looked by drs.

Week after week under the cellular nutrition Saurabh saw improved digestion,absolute cessation of bloating,reflux,belching,flatulence etc.

Within 2 months on repeating the sonography,it showed grade 2 fatty liver and after 4 months the scans showed grade 1 fatty liver.

As evident the photos shown, week after week Saurabh showed improved results, weight loss,inch loss and an overall improved health status.

I wish Saurabh all the very best in life and may he continue in this path and lead a very healthy and happy life.

Mr Nilay sheth case study

IMG_7006 IMG_7007 IMG_7008 IMG_7009 IMG_7010


Nilay sheth is one of the most adorable people I must have ever come across during my tenure of a decade of practise as a dr in mumbai.
Nilay had endured an ACL tear in his knee joint because of which he was immobilised for a long period of time and had piled on a lot of weight.

Week after week, Nilay underwent the cellular nutrition diet programme and these are the results as shown in the pictures.

A proper weekly schedule was laid down for Nilay.
Since Nilay was only 20 years old, had exams approaching him,I had to be very careful that he does not loose weight in a way that would affect his studies, in terms of any weakness or lack of concentration.

Nilay was given everything to eat.
Homemade pizzas,pastas, burgers,stir fries,sandwiches,salads,hummus etc.

The concept of cellular nutrition is to make an individual enjoy their meals.
No crash dieting or extreme protein diets or any fads are followed under my careful supervision.

I believe in making a patient enjoy their meals.
One cheat meal was given to Nilay once every week so he doesn’t miss upon his outings with friends.

Week after week, Nilay showed consistent results as very evident from the photographs.

Mr Rishi mody case

IMG_6996 IMG_6997 IMG_6998  IMG_7004 IMG_7005 IMG_7003 IMG_7002 IMG_7001 IMG_6999


Rishi had approached me for bad gastrointestinal distress,
He had approached several major hospitals and leading gastroenterologist drs in mumbai as he had severe Gastritis and reflux (GERD) with severe abdominal bloating and frequent chest pains known as achlasia cardia.

He witnessed miracles well under the first session with cellular nutrition.

His reflux,hyper acidity problem,anxiety,breathlessness,
Sleepless nights, immediately settled within the first week itself.

Besides this the photos are very evident of the weight loss that ensued and how different Rishi looks within 4 months under my observation.

I wish Rishi all the very best.

Case study of Mr. Varun Raj

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-30 at 7.22.50 PM  WhatsApp Image 2016-08-30 at 7.23.45 PM

Mr Varun Raj, 22 year old male who is currently pursuing MBA from a foreign university had approached me for weight loss almost 3 years ago.
Upon doing his blood tests, we figured out that Varun had hypothyroid issues with his thyroid profile.
I explained to him that no medication would be required if he would loose 10 kgs as thyroid is an exercise dependant hormone.

Varun took 3 months in entirety with me,
I scheduled his diet week after week, did his vitamin study, his metabolic work ups were done as we progressed through the diet.
The results were astonishing.

Varun was given everything to eat, all cuisines worldwide were introduced to him every week.
I put him up with my trainer friend Anish save who trained him to perfection.

Varun’s results in the photographs were achieved within 3 flat months!!!!

Varun has maintained this physique since 3 and a half years and I have been updated regularly regarding his diet from Varun.
Guiding him on watsapp regularly, holding regular talks with Varun’s trainer, consistent results were obtained and what was best was it were maintained by Varun.

Maintaining 6 packs abs is very simple as they say the abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!.
Means,what u eat determines ur fat percentage and fitness levels.

The role of cellular nutrition is so vast.

What’s more, Varun’s hypothyroid status completely disappeared.
We repeated his tests, they all came out normal.

To disclose a patients reports and files on a social media platform is unethical.
If any patient has a query about how cellular nutrition works, they can call me directly or come to my clinic where in person I can show them the records or with prior consent of patient they can directly speak to the patient about how they felt,however as I mentioned with prior consent.

Ms Vala case study

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 5.48.48 PM WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 5.53.01 PM         WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 5.53.02 PM


This is the story of ms Vala, 30 years of age,who had approached me for post pregnancy weight loss.
Within a short span of less than 2 months, following the principles of cellular nutrition she lost approx 20 kgs and several inches.
Associated medical conditions simply disappeared.
Cellular nutrition deals with nourishment at a Dna level. Unparalleled and unheard of in India.
Being the only dr practising this art in India is a sheer privilege and the results there after are very encouraging.
I wish ms Vala all the very best in life.

Mr Alpesh Vala Case

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 9.44.27 PM WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 9.57.12 PM WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14

This is a case study about a patient called Mr Alpesh Vala, 32 years of age.
Alpesh used to have recurring back pains and knee pains. It used to be so often that the poor soul could not travel comfortably anywhere.
Alpesh visited my clinic and I addressed his issues.
I explained him, that orthopaedic evaluation and its treatment is dependant on four pillars.

1.first pillar is proper nutrition. Give the bone,muscles,discs,ligaments, tendons, nerves, soft tissue etc it’s proper nutrition.
That can only happen if u correctly apply principles of cellular nutrition to the orthopaedic system.

2.second pillar is preventive orthopaedics.
Whereby correct supplements like calcium,b12 , omega 3 ,vitamin d etc are given to strengthen the roots of any orthopaedic illness.

3. The third pillar is Physiotherapy.

4. The fourth pillar being pain management which can be achieved through various ways.

When all the four pillars are strengthened the patient has a speedy recovery.

So we started applying all these principles to Alpesh.

Within one and a half month Alpesh managed to lose 10 kgs overall through principles of cellular nutrition .

His joint pains eased by 80% , back pain reduced by 70 % !!!!!!!!.
Alpesh still follows up with me,
He can travel with ease,comfort.
His flexibility has improved drastically.

I wish Alpesh all the very best in life.

Mr Milan Sheth Case

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 10.00.24 PM               WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 10.00.28 PM


The above case study is about a very noted and imminent personality and one of my most sincere of all patients, the story of Mr Milan Sheth, a well noted builder and managing trustee of kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital which is well noted in mumbai.

Milan bhai as I fondly call him, had seen the results of his nephew Mr Nilay Sheth.

The principle of preventive and cellular medicine and nutrition is so varied that no two cases r alike.

The first time I met Milan bhai, upon seeing his prevalent condition I advised him to do certain tests which included serum insulin fasting and post lunch as I could predict he was pre diabetic.
The test results came positive and it awakened Milan bhai who was a sports enthusiast as well.

I explained to him the protocols and we started the programme.

Within the first week Milan bhai lost 3 kgs!!!!!
We were pleasantly surprised but I was not as the diets were modified that he could sustain his busy lifestyle and still maintain timely meals.
Guiding him week after week
Within a month he lost 10 kgs and several inches which is evident from the pictures.

What’s more,
His blood pressure settled to normalcy and he was out of his bp medicines.

Milan bhai could jog better day after day, at 59 years of age, his stamina improved drastically.
His reports showed amazing improvements.

He travelled to Canada and even managed to maintain the principles I taught him.

What happens usually is that a patient regains weight, sometimes even more, called as a bounce back phenomenon in my language as the diets sometimes tends to be so harsh that patients have to be forced to do it.

Under my careful wings I see to it the nutritional programme is maintained according to the patients lifestyle,temperament.
Keeping in mind every individuals likes and dislikes about their food preferences, a diet is framed keeping in mind all factors.

Every week the diet is changed.
Diseases are tracked, what worked what didn’t is divided and discussed in details with me in the analysis room.

Wishing Milan bhai all the best.
He is still carrying forward the nutrition and I’ve enabled him to understand the nuances of cellular nutrition and how he can continue on similar platforms thought his life to maintain a disease free environment within his cells.

Gaurav Passwalla Case

Gaurav passwalla,a young gentleman in his twenties,an actor by profession had approached me through Justdial for a gastroenterology consult. Upon seeing him for the first time,Gaurav presented with the usual complaints of severe acidity,reflux (GERD),abdominal bloating,crampy abdominal pain at times,excessive burping to the order of burps every second minute,which thence did not put him in good health to shoot.

A certified CA from Australia,Gaurav had come to Mumbai in pursuit of starting a career in the movies & serial industry and was doing great till all his symptoms began.He said he had shown 3 to 4 renowned Gastroenterologists but to no avail and no relief in symptoms. I spent nearly two hours with Gaurav at the first instance explaining unto him every nuance of his symptoms.

Why were they occurring,why were the medicines not working. Minute after minute through the consult in a layman’s language the reasons were explained. The need of the hour was to pinpoint the necessary change in his eating habits,a detailed weekly follow up and diet was charted out for him. The necessary medications were started for Gaurav (strictly allopathic medications). I Allowed him to follow up on phone everyday tracking his results,updates. Soon within two weeks his symptoms started to regress rapidly. With the profound understanding of dietary modifications,medications,Gaurav was on his path to recovery.

Aim being
Any patient that visits me is empowered with enough knowledge about the signs and symptoms of a particular disease they are facing and why at all they are facing it. This enable the patient to start thinking independently and master their own lifestyle to lead a healthy life. It took around 3 to 4 dedicated months with weekly follow ups,regular modifications in diet that met with the patients shooting and filming schedules to make him recover completely. With heartfelt gratitude and a vote of thanks to my dear patient Gaurav,he has put forth his experience with me,Dr.Jai Vora,in his own words. It indeed is a humbling experience.

Vivek verma Case

Vivek verma,a young gentleman had contacted me through for his father who was suffering from an acute viral infection and severe low backpain.
This was my first meeting with vivek and his family 3 years ago..
After his first visit to me and after a speedy recovery by his father,there was no looking back towards my association with vivek and his family..
Vivek has consulted me for allergy related issues,viral infections,vitamin deficiencies and many other consults..

A particular incidence was when one morning vivek had called me saying he had acute pain in his gluteal region,on examining him I told him he had a pilonidal sinus,now that required surgery..
However he was in the middle of his university exams and the sinus was badly inflamed and infected which required immediate attention…
After a short course of antibiotics and antiinflammatories within 2 days vivek was operated upon via a laser surgery,
The surgery performed by my revered colleague Dr Rusy bhalla a trained laser surgeon from the UK and Hong Kong was an immense success..
It was scarless,virtually painless and no blood loss and the hospital visit was reduced to just a day..
Vivek could give his exams and achieve his desired results..
Besides this,vivek has consulted for numerous other issues like tibial microfractures etc.
One noticeable incident was that the verma family had one of their relatives who himself was a dr in Patna fly down to see me,
AIIMS and PGI chandigarh had refused to treat him,
The dr had huge kidney stones which was damaging his kidneys,obstruction to the urinary passage and development of complications which was not addressed at the major institutions in the north..
Moreover he was a diabetic..
They couriered his initial documents and after my encouragement the dr flew down from Patna with his entire family..
This was almost 2 years ago..
We admitted him to the icu, stabilised his vitals and other Parameters..
I had called upon my team members of which I personally took care of his blood pressure and sugar or diabetes issues whilst my dearest friend dr gaurav daga a renowned nephrologist took care of his kidney related damage,dr rusy bhalla operated upon the renal or kidney stones via lithographic machines,we managed to successfully treat his kidney stone issues but I was not really happy..
I saw he was getting progressively weaker..
I again went through his reports only to find a persistent poor vit d and d3 through 2 years of reports he had,
I immediately asked for serum pth levels which showed dismal levels,totally out of range,ten times abnormal than the ref ranges..
We repeated it..
Again the abnormal values..
The dr was subjected to a ct scan of the neck which revealed parathyroid adenomas which were multiple,
This was the primary reason why therefor dr was having reoccurring kidney stones since past 2 years…
Dr rusy was summoned to ablate the parathyroid adenomas by laser,
Post which his pth and s calcium and vitamin d levels stabilised..
The dr was hospitalised for a good 3 weeks under me and my team,
Once fully recovered was he allowed to travel back..
Its been 3 years since he is leading a healthy life…

Inference of this case study…

All patients who come to me are thoroughly evaluated..
Medicine is not about a single organ treatment but medicine is about treating the patient as a whole…
Small clues hidden in the reports of the above mentioned patient gave me a clue to an existing silent tumor which was the real cause of misery and reoccurring stones..
Hence every patient has to be evaluated in details,every report studied over and over again..

I am thankful and obliged to vivek and Mr a k verma for allowing me to discuss their case study…
Again feeling humbled and greatful to the divine that guides me through every patient..
Simple case or tough complicated cases…
The divines guidance enables me to do better with each passing day…

Mrs Yash Dogra Case

Mrs yash dogra,67 years,ex principal of advani law college,Mumbai…
Will always be remembered by me as one of the most eloquent and charming patients I’ve ever come across in my career so far..
Her case study is as such….

Jassu aunty as I fondly call her,that’s her official pet name,had come to me 5 to 6 months ago,
Yash aunty a known diabetic had undergone heart surgeries a couple of years ago,
Post which she was not keeping good health,
Her sugars would fluctuate,she felt immensely weak,lethargic and was facing borderline depression which she was not aware of..
Rarely yash aunty would step out of home,would feel listless all the time..
Thus there was this very silent lady,sitting so quietly and meekly in my clinic,observing everything around but not uttering a word..
I cajoled her to say something, took black an hour long history from her,tried to get to the root of her issues she was facing…
Mrs yash had basically approached Asian heart hospital in mumbai where her cardiac surgery was done for her diabetic management…
However month after month of being treated by her drs there her sugars were not coming under control..
Finally she was asked to switch to insulin.
Like any conscientious patient,yash aunty started to take insulin injections as prescribed by the dr in Asian heart institution..
But to no avail…
Even insulin was not enough to get her sugars under control..
On approaching the drs in Asian heart institute she was asked to increase the dose and check with the dietitian etc..

This added to her ever growing frustration.
Finally yash aunty was suggested that she see me at the earliest.

During her history taking,
Believe me,
Even after years of interviewing patients it still takes me a good 45 min to one hour to obtain a satisfactory history from my patients…
I came to understand her symptoms,
I took her dietary history,
What she was recommended by dietitians she had visited earlier,her medications etc..
Looking back at her,I fondly told jassu aunty..
My dearest yash aunty,do not worry..
I explained unto her the various steps of treating a diabetic..
Step one is to have a sound diet..
Step two is to have an exercise schedule as per her age,physical condition etc.
Step three r the medications..

As drs we often forget that despite a patient being kept on insulin,a proper dietary management for every patient is a must,especially if they are facing diabetic related complications..

I restructured her diet,
Suggested adequate physical exercise,modified her medicines and insulin a bit…

Week after week yash aunty showed tremendous improvement..
I would often get calls (believe me as soon as within 3 days of startingbthe corrected management suggested by me) that her sugars were dipping too low,glucometer readings showing 70 or 80 at times..
Promptly I asked yash aunty to reduce the doses of insulin..
Within 2 weeks she was completely weaned off insulin…
Oh boy,was jassu aunty happy..
However her oral drugs remained for her diabetic treatment..
Slowly within 2 months as she adapted to the new principles of dietary modifications her oral anti diabetic medications and dosages also were reduced..

Another thing I noticed was her listlessness,lethargy etc.
I immediately ordered a thyroid function test which revealed she had hypothyroidism…
Eltroxin was immediately started..
Within a month her lethargy improved,she felt better,borderline depression was almost negligible.
It was as if she felt completely a different person…

It’s been 6 months,yash aunty keeps a close tab on her sugars,bp with regular cardiac checkups n diabetic checkups she leads a completely different life…

Aim of this case discussion being…

One doesn’t have to be afraid of diabetes or its complications..
What is required is a systematic and thorough analysis of any disease and how best it can be managed..
Diet plays an immense role in diabetic management,itsbthe first step in treating any diabetic,the focus should not entirely lay upon insulin and drugs,but emphasis shouldn’t given on diet and exercise combined with insulin and drugs for betterment strict glycaemic control..

With folded hands and a heartfelt gratitude,I express my vote of thanks to my dearest jassu aunty..
She is very camera shy,a very quiet and subdued personality as a lady..
She was so shy she actually wrote down her thoughts and read it out,which I find really sweet…
I wish jassu aunty and her entire family all the very best and may she continue to be in the pink of health always..
Dr jai vora.

Priyanka Saglani Case

Priyanka saglani case….

Priyanka saglani, a young lady in her mid twenties had approached me who was so apprehensive about her high sugar readings that she was almost in tears before we even started the consult..
At my clinic,I have kept a very informal environment so that the patients approaching me can drop their worries n relax a bit..

Her fasting sugars were more than 200 and post lunch close to almost 400!…
She had also presented with more than 6 to 7 boils in her armpit which was excruciatingly painful for the poor little girl..
Urine sugars were 3plus,
Wbc counts were 13,000.

At first I wished to tackle her infection,for which she was given suitable antibiotics and local measures and pain management so her immediate complaints would be dealt with…

After which I explained to her that it was all because of uncontrolled sugars she had reoccurring infections,
Hence tackling the main cause was of primary concern…

I charted out a diet that would suite her palate,changed her existing diabetic medications and explained every nuance of how to manage sugars…

Diet,exercise form the main pillars of treating diabetes..
Oral drugs and insulin follow a proper diet and exercise.

The visible results were there within a weeks time..
Priyankas boils settled,her fasting and pp sugars were within normal parameters,her boils had settled,urine sugar was absent and she was left feeling lighter and way happier…

Aim of the case study…

Any patient that approaches me is counselled to my best knowledge,given the appropriate treatment which includes a diet as per the needs of my patients condition,exercise pattern designed by me,appropriate medications (strictly allopathic only) and strict follow ups to ensure a complete recovery…

Keyur Sheth Case

Keyur sheth case…

Keyur was a young IT professional who had contacted me through,
The usual set of complaints such as gaseous distension of abdomen,belching,indigestion of meals,severe reflux etc were dolled out by him..
The young chap seemed very nervous at first,but as I explained unto him the finer nuances of how to eat,how much to eat,why at all was he suffering from reflux,why the treatments by other drs were unsuccessful etc he seemed to calm down..

It is often very important to sit and have a detailed discussion with your patients,at least that’s what I feel..
A need to connect with them,empathise with them,try and understand their problem is what good medicine practise is all about..

Keyur followed with me for 4 weeks regularly,
I modified his outlook towards his lifestyle,changed his eating habits,changed his course of medication and voila..
The result was fantastic.

All the symptoms keyur had come in for were resolved..
No its not magic,it’s sheer common sense and a strong understanding of gastroenterology that’s required to help a patient through crisis..

I wish keyur all the very best.
Thank him from the bottom of my heart for sending across this sweet video presentation…
Dr jai vora,
MD, PhD.